How to setup a free SSL on WordPress.

Install SSL on Wordpress
Install SSL on Wordpress

How to enable SSL in 2 simple steps!

If you have an active SSL certificate installed on your web server, it is now time to activate it on your WordPress site. If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed, please follow our tutorial for a step by step guide. How to install a free SSL.

This tutorial will walk you through how to setup an SSL certificate on WordPress with GSVR Web & Email Hosting.

Before you have an active SSL certificate activated your address bar will look something like the below image, this is a screen shot of an unsecured web page on Google Chrome.

Browser Before SSL
Browser Before SSL

Step 1: Update General Settings In WordPress Dashboard

Once you are logged into your dashboard you will need to navigate to Settings -> General.

Wordpress Settings-General
WordPress Settings-General

You will now see some settings, you can ignore most of this page for this tutorial. What we will be changing is the WordPress Address and Site URL’s, you can reference the image below.

Wordpress URL settings before SSL
WordPress URL settings before SSL

Step 2: Change WordPress URL to https

What you need to do here is update both lines to say https:// instead of http:// part of the URL. Please see the image below as a reference to the changes.

Wordpress URL settings after SSL
WordPress URL settings after SSL

Once you have made these changes scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit “Save Changes”

Hit Save
Hit Save

WordPress will now log you out of the page. Your WordPress should now be active with your SSL certificate. You can confirm this by checking your URL, you will have the green lock and https:// in the browser. Reference the image below.

HTTPS Redirect after save
HTTPS Redirect after save

You have successfully setup WordPress to operate with your free SSL.

If you do not have the green lock when browsing the normal website this could be due to mixed content. You can check out our tutorial: How to fix mixed content SSL error